Return to Queen’s Best Wishes for VI Flag’s 150th

Buckingham Palace replies…

As noted, ‘a thoughtful reply came back to us from Buckingham Palace’…The Queen & VI's Flag, jn16'15

“…on the occasion of the One Hundred and Fiftieth Anniversary of the flag of Vancouver Island …Her Majesty sends her best wishes to all concerned for a most successful and enjoyable year marking this significant milestone.”

In turn, to honour a shared history and independent spirit we resolve to remember the strength and determination which is the backbone of Canada and our inheritance from First Nations and the early European explorers.

…and with the 21st Century before us, we’ll proudly fly Vancouver Island’s 150 year-old flag, our common future firmly in mind.


Laurie Gourlay
President, VICCS

Vancouver Island & Coast Conservation Society, P.O. Box 333, Cedar, B.C., V9X 1W1, <> <>