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Press Release: BC Proclaims December 11th, ‘A Day For Our Common Future’

December 9, 2015

British Columbia Towns, Cities, Regions and The Provincial Government

Proclaim December 11th, ‘A Day For Our Common Future’

…With Paris and Climate Change in Mind  

A Day For, Last Day Of
CEDAR – “The Province of British Columbia has again proclaimed December 11th as ‘A Day For Our Common Future”, states the sponsor of the Proclamation, Laurie Gourlay, President of the Vancouver Island and Coast Society. “And over the past two years we’ve seen two dozen BC towns, cities and regional districts similarly Proclaim this anniversary of the Brundtland Commission’s report to the UN.”*

December 11th also happens to be the last day of the UN COP21 Conference in Paris this year. The non-profit society believes the need for action on climate change, and the public’s wish to find solutions which serve the environment and the economy, have underlined sustainability options which mitigate carbon emission problems.

“Every year we see an increasing interest, and recognition of the achievements for sustainable development which the World Commission on Environment and Development first advanced with publication of the book ‘Our Common Future”, said Gourlay.

This is the second year a senior level of government has Proclaimed the initiative, and the non-profit society is pleased with the many additional expressions of support and encouragement from Premiers and Provincial representatives, as well as local Councils. This is the first year that VICCS has reached out across the country.

“We see local governments and communities working hard to implement the pragmatic application of sustainable development,” Gourlay notes, “with senior governments integrating policies and programs.”

The Proclamation notes key goals and achievements which the Brundtland report helped to identify and to champion in its efforts to find a practical and principled balance between the environment and economy.

“December 11th offers a chance to consider, and to act for, Our Common Future”, said Gourlay. “How we’ll work together to find the solutions will be the defining legacy of our generation.”

Copies of the Proclamation, background and a sampling of signatories, can be found on the VICCS website.


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