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Press Release – BC Request, Proclaim ‘A Day For Our Common Future’

Press Release

October 14, 2015

BC Called to Proclaim December 11th, ‘A Day For Our Common Future’
Initiative for Sustainable Development & Climate Change

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CEDAR – The Province of British Columbia, and all of it’s towns and cities, have been asked to set an example for the world by proclaiming December 11th 2015, ‘A Day For Our Common Future’.

“In 2014 the Province of British Columbia and 15 BC cities signed the Proclamation,” wrote VICCS president Laurie Gourlay, “indicating support from elected officials and governments, representing approximately 4,658,000 BC residents – 13% of Canada’s population.”

The Vancouver Island and Coast Conservation Society is proposing that December 11th deserves recognition and support, being the day the United Nations formally received the report for global sustainable development from the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987.

In letters to both local and senior elected representatives in BC Gourlay notes that, “This year December 11th is also the last day of the UN Paris Conference …which many governments and nations are marking as a turning point in global efforts to address climate change.”

The non-profit society refers to the UN ‘s Global Sustainable Development Report just released, and Pope Francis’ call for governments to implement carbon reduction measures, suggesting that “Canada could set an example this year. Declaring December 11th ‘A Day For Our Common Future’, helps deliver a message of hope and sustainability to the world.”

An opportunity to bridge economic and environmental considerations, the declaration of ‘A Day For Our Common Future’ is seen by the Vancouver Island and Coast Conservation Society as reflecting the interests of Canadians from all walks of life – invigorating families and the country with “a renewed sense of optimism as we work together for these shared goals.”

“As you know both climate change and sustainable development are being increasingly and prominently addressed,” states Gourlay. “We believe the support of BC’s MLA’s and government would go a long way to encouraging British Columbians and Canadians, as well as leaders from around the world, to take a good look at the practical goals and benefits of sustainable development.”

Over the next few weeks VICCS plans to similarly reach out to provincial, federal and local governments across Canada. “This year, with the economy and the environment in mind, it would say much to the world, and to Canada’s vision as a community of communities, if we chose to recognize ‘A Day For Our Common Future.”

The 2015 proclamation by the City of Nanaimo is attached, and the letters are available on VICCS website.

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For more information:
Laurie Gourlay
President, VICCS

Vancouver Island & Coast Conservation Society, Box 333, Cedar BC, V9X 1W1; (, <www.viccs.vcn.bc. ca>