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Nine Conservation Promises from Three Federal Party Leaders

October 3, 2015

Nine Conservation Promises from Three Federal Party LeadersDowntown, Downtown, Downtown

CEDAR – “The need for serious attention to conservation and sustainable development has been made by the Pope and the UN in recent weeks,” said Laurie Gourlay, president of the Vancouver Island & Coast Conservation Society. “Responsible Canadians should be considering the world’s needs and priorities when they vote in the upcoming federal election.”

With this in mind VICCS approached the Federal Party Leaders in May and June, as Parliament was about to prorogue, asking five specific questions on initiatives they might undertake if chosen to form government or hold the balance of power in October’s election.

“We are aware of concerns expressed by the international community, that Canada has increasingly become an obstacle to agreements that would protect the environment or further measures to mitigate climate change,” said Gourlay. “And the cumulative impacts to Canada’s lands and waters, as well as our biodiversity and habitat, require that we act responsibly by sharing the promises of our Federal Leaders.”

The Vancouver Island & Coast Conservation Society have posted the full replies of Party Leaders on VICCS’ website, and provided a selection of nine of the best conservation promises (below).

“We’re hoping that Canadians will consider the country and the world’s needs in these very challenging times for our global environment,” said Gourlay. “And we’re asking Canadians to vote for who will best represent our country’s interests on the world stage, as well as here at home.”

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For more information:
Laurie Gourlay
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*Replies were received from Elizabeth May, Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau.
The Bloc Quebecois politely deferred and, despite repeated requests to Prime Minister Harper, we unfortunately did not receive a reply from the Conservative Party.
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Nine Conservation Promises from Three Federal Party Leaders…

Elizabeth May, MP, Saanich-Gulf Islands
Leader of the Green Party of Canada

– “If Canada is to meet the growing challenges of environmental stewardship, it is critical to restore and expand our scientific capacity and support our scientists.”

– “We will act swiftly to protect existing parks and expand our terrestrial and marine park systems.”

– “By investing in sustainable community development initiatives we foster real change at the local level that reflects the passion for conservation that all Canadians share.”

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Tom Mulcair, MP, Outremont
Leader of the Official Opposition , New Democratic Party of Canada

-“Expert advice to assess and advise on conservation is not only a good idea, it is necessary to ensure our long-term viability.”

– “An NDP government would … put the resources in place to make Canada an international leader, rather than a laggard, on biodiversity, conservation, and protected areas.”

– “Protection, preservation, and the restoration of our environment are essential to the biodiversity of our planet, and to the health and economy of this, and future, generations.”

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Justin P.J. Trudeau, MP, Papineau
Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada

– “Action against climate change is a key inter-generational responsibility that we owe to our children and grandchildren.”

– “I am committed to protecting Canada’s marine and coastal areas from 1.3 percent to 5 percent by 2017, and ten percent by 2020.”

– “A balanced approach that seeks to protect our environment while getting our resources to market and growing our economy is a goal that I, and the entire Liberal Caucus, greatly share.”


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