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Request to Proclaim ‘A Day…’, to Local BC Governments

To: Local and Regional Governments, British Columbia

c.c.: BC Members of the Legislative Assembly

c.c.: Members of Parliament across Canada (as of Oct. 20th)

Re: ‘A Day For Our Common Future’, December 11th 2015

October 12, 2015Downtown, Downtown


Dear Mayor & Council, and Regional Directors,

Thanksgiving seems appropriate to again invite support for sustainable development and our proposed December 11th’ Proclamation, ‘A Day For Our Common Future’.

Just two months away, December 11th is the day the United Nations formally received the first global sustainable development report from the World Commission on Environment and Development in 1987. And this year December 11th is also the last day of the UN Paris Conference, which many governments and nations are marking as a turning point in global efforts to address climate change.

In 2014 the Province of British Columbia and 15 BC cities signed our Proclamation, which translates to support from governments representing approximately 4,658,000 BC residents, 13% of Canada’s population. With this in mind we are reaching out across BC and Canada this year, to similarly invite expressions of support and community initiatives for sustainable development.

Considering the UN ‘s Global Sustainable Development Report just released, and Pope Francis’ call for governments to implement carbon reduction measures, we believe that local and senior governments here in Canada could set an example this year. Declaring December 11th ‘A Day For Our Common Future’, the last day of the COP 21 Paris Conference on Climate Change, helps deliver a message of hope and sustainability to the world.

We would then ask that you consider this opportunity to bridge economic and environmental considerations – and declare, proclaim, observe or simply announce December 11th 2015, ‘A Day for Our Common Future’.

Whatever your decision may be …please also let us wish you the very best as you address economic and environmental matters at this important time. If we can in turn be of service please do not hesitate to be in touch.


Sincerely yours,


Laurie Gourlay


President, VICCS

– attached: a copy of the Proclamation.. Additional information can be found on our website, or by writing to us.

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