National Heritage Day – BC Heritage Week – Island Rural Communities Celebrated!

Press Release
February 15, 2016

Island’s Rural Communities Celebrated with Heritage Project Launch

National Heritage Day & BC’s Heritage Week!

CEDAR – With Canada’s 150 birthday coming up in 2017 an Island organization Rural Communities Beautification, poster, spring '15 has launched a project to celebrate their roots and heritage in some of the oldest rural communities on Vancouver Island.

“It’s our chance to remember the past, honour the sacrifices of those before us, and to leave a legacy for future generations,” says Laurie Gourlay, President of the Vancouver Island and Coast Society.

The Heritage Lands of Cedar, Yellow Point, North Oyster, South Wellington, Cassidy and Chase River are the focus of this 2017 initiative. The non-profit society takes pride in celebrating traditional harvests of the coast’s shellfish along with the salmon runs, rolling fields of hay, coal mines and forestry which have sustained many generations here on the mid-coast of Vancouver Island.

Three Heritage Projects have been chosen for 2017, with input from the community over the past year,
– A Heritage Book, featuring local interviews, photographs and local stories ‘of the old days’.
– Community Welcome signs to be constructed …along with benches and heritage gardens to enjoy the views!
– A Heritage Sports Day & Celebration, with an old-tyme recipe bake-off, BBQ, and 5 cent lemonade!

“We share an idylic rural and coastal landscape, both pastoral and forested, with a River running through it,” Gourlay notes. “We want to enjoy the character and characters of our Heritage Lands, take a peek at our grandparents past, and help the next 150 years get off to a good start!”

The society has begun to circulate a newsletter and will hold public meetings as the projects gets underway, expecting that community organizations, business and residents will all pick up on the chance to bring the rural lands’ past and future to life for 2017.

“We’re looking forward to dusting off old photo albums, and hearing tales from the old families around here,” says Gourlay, with a smile . “We want newcomers and old-timers alike to help us discover our rural heritage and the people, places and events that have shaped our lives. and communities.”

The group’s plans for a Heritage Day includes ‘Heritage Sports’, wheelbarrow races and maybe a ploughing match or two – the way the games and sports used to be played! Traditional costumes and workwear of the day will see the fun and celebration in 2017 enjoyed along with Heritage treats and recipes, including an apple pie bake-off.

And, Gourlay adds, “With BBQ’s fired up, lots of ice cream, and lemonade all around we’re looking at a day to enjoy the company of friends and family …and the 150th birthday of our country”


For more information:
Laurie Gourlay, President VICCS,

Vancouver Island & Coast Conservation Society, Box 333, Cedar, B.C., V9X 1W1